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June 25th, 2022 Online National Outreach Meeting

Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians report on the

June 25th, 2022 Online National Outreach Meeting

Meeting Summary

We’d like to extend a BIG thank-you to everyone who attended our online national outreach and information meeting on June 25th, 2022, and to those who have subsequently viewed the gathering online. A special thanks to our guest speaker Dr. Nic Harrison for sharing his story with us. The video can be found on Youtube by searching for the Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians, or by following the link below.

At the meeting Dr. Harrison spoke about his personal experiences with abuse from a young age at the hands of Catholic priests, nuns and teachers while attending a Church-run institution. His story is significant to our community because he is able to speak to the abuse from the perspective of a child. Too often, child survivors of clergy sexual abuse only find a way to speak out later in life. Dr. Harrison’s disclosure was a powerful reminder of the intricate and nuanced levels of control placed on children by abusers. His stories provide a first-hand account of his experiences and allow the Japanese Canadian community to engage in conversations about the abuse our friends and family members suffered at the hands of Mr. Nakayama. Abusers share similarities in the ways they manipulate their victims. In the case of priests, be they Catholic or Anglican, in addition to being ‘next to God’ in power and authority, they wield additional power as community leaders and educators. Each position they occupy is used to manipulate children, parents, and colleagues alike.

Dr. Harrison’s presentation reminded many of us about our own encounters with abuse and from the stories of our family members. Moving forward to address this history, the Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians will be working with survivors, survivor family members, and the community in their healing journeys. The eligibility for counselling support, education support, and community healing initiatives includes survivors of Mr. Nakayama’s abuse, family members, and members of the community. Why such a wide range of eligibility? The answer is that Mr. Nakayama’s widespread abuse over many decades has necessitated the need for both individual and community healing. Please see our website for more information (link below).

What is intergenerational trauma, and who is a member of a ‘survivor family’?

At a previous meeting on June 26, 2021, Japanese American psychotherapist, Dr. Satsuki Ina, spoke about how community trauma requires community healing. The effects of abuse travel across generations, moving outward like the ripples produced when a stone is thrown into a pond. The Healing Fund Project Office is here to help anyone in the Japanese Canadian community suffering from Mr. Nakayama’s abuse. Survivor family members include siblings and descendants of survivors of Mr. Nakayama’s abuse.

Future Events being held by the Healing Fund

Gathering of Old Friends, September 30, 2022 - October 2, 2022

Audience: Survivors and family members

An in-person gathering will be taking place in the Greater Vancouver area Friday, September 30th - Sunday, October 2nd, 2022. This weekend event is open to any survivors or family members of Mr. Nakayama’s abuse, and will be a social event. The Healing Fund will cover the costs of travel, food and accommodation for each participant and their support person. The deadline to apply is August 31st, 2022. To apply, please fill in the community feedback form or follow the link on the Homepage of the Healing Fund’s website, and a member of the Project Office will contact you with more details.

Training workshop on intergenerational trauma, planned for October 15, 2022

Audience: Survivors, family members, community leaders, community members

Intergenerational (or generational) trauma can have far-reaching effects on families and communities. Mr. Nakayama’s abuse was widespread in the community and he robbed some survivors of their childhoods, their innocence, and their ability to trust others. Some experienced difficulty maintaining relationships, and others may not have reached their full potential. Participants who attend the training workshop will gain a deeper understanding of methods to address this trauma and will return to their communities equipped to facilitate a local gathering after this training. The deadline to apply is September 15th, 2022.


Peter Wallace and members of the Healing Fund Project Office

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