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Giving You a Choice


The Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians is for survivors, survivor families, and other Japanese Canadians who were directly and indirectly harmed by the clergy sexual abuse of the former Anglican Priest Gordon Goichi Nakayama. The fund provides life opportunities and supports personal well-being. Learn about our support today.

Community Feedback Form

Help guide the rollout of the Healing Fund by submitting a community feedback form. We ask for anyone who has a family connection to a survivor of Nakayama's abuse to take part in our outreach effort that will determine where we need to allocate our limited resources.

Form available March 2022 - September 2026

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Ensuring all voices are heard

Counselling Support

Are you a survivor? Are you seeking support for intergenerational trauma?

We offer counselling services to those affected by Nakayama's abuse. 

Contact us to get started, or complete a Community Feedback Form today.

Support Group

Support for Groups

Community Healing / Education Initiatives

Survivors of Nakayama's abuse are across Canada. We want to offer our support to your local community for inspiring ways to address the legacy of trauma.

If you would like to plan, host, or attend an event please fill in a Community Feedback Form today.

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Providing Access to Opportunities

Education Grants

Available to post-secondary students of survivor families enrolled in a training/vocational program, college, university or other education program.

If you have recently graduated, or if you are currently too young to apply, please fill in our Community Feedback Form.


Inquiries made to the Healing Fund will remain fully confidential. The Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians was made possible by the combined efforts of the Japanese Canadian Working Group, the National Association of Japanese Canadians and the Anglican Church of Canada consisting of the Diocese of New Westminster, the Diocese of Calgary and the Primate of Canada.

Thank you for submitting! We will get back to you within two business days.

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