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Healing Initiatives of the
Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians

Explore the available options for you, your family, and the community


  • Survivor: an individual who was sexually abused by the former Anglican Priest Gordon Goichi Nakayama.

  • Survivor Family: the family of survivors who were molested by the former Anglican Priest Gordon Goichi Nakayama. This definition includes, but is not limited to, siblings of survivors and their descendants.

Counselling Support

Counselling is available for survivors of Nakayama's clergy sexual abuse and also for their families suffering from intergenerational trauma. The effects of this abuse are wide-ranging and unpredictable. Nakayama traveled widely and abused hundreds of boys before he died in 1995.

Counselling services are fully-funded by an endowment from the Anglican Church of Canada and administered by the National Association of Japanese Canadians

Tai Chi Class

Community Healing / Education Initiatives

As the Japanese Canadian population was dispersed across Canada after 1949 survivors of Nakayama's abuse can be found in all regions. Community Healing and Education Initiatives can be funded through the Healing Fund and we encourage local organizations to hold events, programs and meetings that can meet the needs of your community.

Healing can take shape in many forms. If you have an initiative that you would like supported contact us today!

Community Education Initiatives

Education Grants

If you are enrolled in a training/vocational program, college, university or other education program we invite you to submit an application.

To qualify for these grants you must be out of high school (17+) and a member of a survivor family. Eligibility is retroactive to June 15, 2015.

Grant applications are reviewed three times a year covering the periods from:

January-March 15 (review in March)

March 16-August (review in September)

September-December (review in January)

Education Grants


Inquiries made to the Healing Fund will remain fully confidential. The Healing Fund for Japanese Canadians was made possible by the combined efforts of the Japanese Canadian Working Group, the National Association of Japanese Canadians and the Anglican Church of Canada consisting of the Diocese of New Westminster, the Diocese of Calgary and the Primate of Canada.

Thank you for submitting! We will get back to you within two business days.

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