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Testimony 9

An anonymous senior recounts the effects of silence and intergenerational trauma.
Recorded in 2020.

Sexual abuse crime, truth, reconciliation, forgiveness.  Our feedback.


The anger against the Nakayama family continues to the next generation.  


The outstanding question is to those in the inner circle who knew about Nakayama's sexual abuse: why was the truth not exposed sooner? Because of the silence, GG's crime as a sexual predator continued for years. Victims died not knowing that there were hundreds of others who were also abused and that GG was finally disgraced.

In our family, "A" and "B" were abused. And "C" is sure that the stress from the abuse led to their dad's premature death. Victims / families who are alive today are suffering still. (E.g. Us; those who attended the meeting following the Apology but can't speak openly about it to this day;  some who want memorial trees taken from cuttings at the old Nakayama house in Marpole cut down and not replaced; and those who want the Nakayama house destroyed.)

We can't understand the decades of silence. [redacted] Victims were stuck in the moment of the crime - remembering GG and his unforgivable sins. GG admitted the truth in 1994. We found out about it, by chance, in 2014!! 


The apology was made in 2015. [...] It's hard to wipe out 60+ years of anger.  The public acknowledgement of GG's sexual molestation and the Apology has helped.  But the question still remains:  why did it take so long?

-Anonymized to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned.

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