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Testimony 3

An anonymous, first-person account of family warnings about Nakayama.
Recorded in 2018.

This is about my grandparents, the Issei, who warned me to stay away from the Nakayamas. Grandma and grandpa asked about my involvement with the Nakayamas, the Reverend and his children Tim and Joy, who are around my age. My grandpa said to my grandma, "Where is Nakayama from?" and my grandma said, "I believe he is from Shikoku..." Grandpa went, "Shikoku, Nakayama, Shikoku, Nakayama...Korewa dameda (this is not good)!” He said, “Come listen very carefully to what I am going to say. You are never going to see this man again and you are never to have relations with his family. Stay away. This is evil. Period. And I do not want you involved in it.”


In Coaldale, Timothy was in the same class as my friend. I knew my friend but I never acknowledged Timothy. Joy was at one time in the same class as me and the teacher had me sit next to her and I asked to switch seats. I never encountered anything with Timothy or Joy after that.

-Anonymized to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned.

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