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Testimony 19

A Survivor tells his story.

Recorded in 2022.

For years, the Anglican Church and the Japanese Canadian community were silent and / or in denial about Nakayama’s pedophilia. It was a shameful topic.  My mother told me I was a bad boy for telling lies about this wolf in sheep’s clothing. I told my wife about him years later but we never discussed him because it was too painful a subject. It wasn’t until the recent investigation (which we learned about by chance), that my wife and I decided to go forward. We thank [a former member of the Japanese Canadian Working Group] for their kindness as we went through the process.  We’re pleased that the crimes of Nakayama have been exposed. His name is still painful to me but I’m happy that I contributed to ending the silence. I have family in [redacted] who have supported me through this “reveal”.


How can I be helped? Continue to spread the word that the community has recognized Nakayama as a sexual predator.  I hope that there are no survivors who are still suffering in silence. Is anyone writing a book to document this journey? It would be a shame if this information gets lost over time. Could the fund support this endeavor?  In addition, what is the Anglican Church doing to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We were disappointed earlier on in the investigation when one of the leaders of the church told a family member that no one came forward even though we had provided a written response.  It seemed as if they were hoping to sweep this “inconvenient truth” under the rug. It’s hard to regain trust in the church given the decades of suppression of the facts


-Survivor testimony, recorded in 2022.

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