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Testimony 14

An adult tells the story of her uncle's abuse and escape.

Recorded in 2022.

Told by the survivor's niece:

My uncle was born in 1932 in Delta, BC. When he was a boy, living on a sugar beet farm in Alberta during the war, Nakayama would ride his bicycle there to visit. One night he stayed for supper, stayed the night and ended up sleeping in my uncle’s bed. My uncle would have been 10 or so, savvy enough to know that he didn’t like Nakayama hugging him. My uncle kicked him to escape and then went to sleep with one of his sisters, which makes me think the rest of the family must have known something was going on. I mean, these were sugar beet shacks. Not a lot of separate rooms with solid doors. Too bad my uncle has dementia now. He had lots of stories to tell.

-Anonymized to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned.

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